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School Kitchen Installation Cardiff

Catering & Bar Installations Ltd are leaders in providing School Kitchen Installation services in the Cardiff area. CBI have a wealth of experience with School Kitchen Installations, so can help with installation of a single piece of equipment all the way up to full kitchen installations. CBI endeavour to make any School Kitchen Installation go smoothly as possible for your Cardiff Premises. To do this CBI carry out a Site Survey to ensure that all the requirements for your desired installation are met.

Let CBI handle your School Kitchen Installation in Cardiff

All CBI School Kitchen Installations are carried out by fully trained professionals who are certified in Gas, Electrical and Plumbing. CBI support their clients throughout every stage of their School Kitchen Installation, ensuring that their Kitchen in Cardiff is one of the best. On top of all that we offer genuine impartial advice to ensure that our clients get the best School Kitchen Installation that fit their goals.

For an Honest Professional service look no further than CBI

CBI offer a wide range of services in Cardiff. Along with their School Kitchen Installations, CBI offer a wide range of other services such as Maintenance and Repairs, to see these services Click Here. To speak to us about your School Kitchen Installation in Cardiff, click here or ring 01495 223 211.



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